3 Steps to Boost your Oral Hygiene Routine

We all want healthy, good-looking teeth to show off a confident smile, but getting there requires some dedication and knowledge about the proper Oral Hygiene Routine.

From a very young age we are taught how to brush our teeth, and if we are lucky we also learn how to floss, but are you sure you are using the right techniques?

There is a large room for error when it comes to oral hygiene techniques, so we are here to clear all doubts, and give you the perfect Oral Hygiene Routine that will take your smile to the next level.

First: Brush Thoroughly

Brushing properly helps remove plaque, fight bad breath, and dental diseases.

A good brushing technique involves making sure that your toothbrush is getting to all the surfaces of your teeth, including the top chewing section, and all the sides.

When to brush your teeth?

It is a must to brush your teeth before breakfast, in this way, the enamel will be protected from acids or sugars, thanks to the fluoride in the toothpaste.

It is important to brush at least twice a day for two minutes.

Second: Clean between your teeth

Just brushing is not enough for good dental health, studies show that brushing only cleans 60% of the tooth’s surface.

There are two ways to clean the area between your teeth: using an interdental brush or flossing, the choice will depend on how tight together your teeth are.

Flossing helps to reduce plaque, stimulate the gums, and reduce inflammation in the area. The proper flossing technique is to gently guide the floss between your teeth with a side-to-side sawing motion, avoid pushing the floss into your gums, and try to do this at least once a day.

Third: Rinse for a fresh ending

Rinsing your teeth with a mouthwash not only provides a clean mouth feeling, but it helps reduce the amount of acid in the mouth, as well as the remaining plaque cleaning the areas that are hard to reach, it also helps remineralize the teeth.

Mouthwashes have antibacterial properties that are essential for a deep cleansing.

Rinsing tips:

You should rinse for at least 30-seconds, twice per day. Make sure to use an alcohol free mouthwash if you are not into the burning mouthwash sensation, and you’d like a more gentle experience.

Extra tips for your Oral Hygiene Routine

  • Choose a good quality toothbrush like Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrush, in order to upgrade your brushing technique.
  • Remember to clean your tongue, brush your tongue in circular motion and try to reach the whole area.
  • Always use a good fluoride toothpaste to help protect the teeth from damage.

Your Oral Hygiene is in your hands now, make sure to follow this routine daily, and choose products that make your routine easier.