Are you brushing your teeth in the right way?

Check out a few recommendations for improving your oral health today!

We have been hearing about the importance of having good oral health since we were children. Our parents always reminded us to brush our teeth and to avoid eating a lot of candy. however, have you ever asked yourself why it’s so important to take care of your teeth?

Having a pretty smile not only makes you look incredible but what is not known by many people is that bad dental care can also affect your emotional well-being and your overall health. Poor dental care may lead to health issues such as heart disease, mental illness, diabetes and respiratory diseases, among others.

Avoiding these problems is easy. One of the key steps you can take to prevent health issues caused by poor dental care is having a good brushing technique. Check out these brushing techniques that you can try out today!

4 brushing techniques you can use for improving your oral health:

Bass brushing method In this method you have to hold your toothbrush in a 45 degree angle and use slight pressure and vibratory motions parallel to your teeth and gumline, this will help you to remove bacteria in the hard to reach areas.

The Stillman’s method is similar to the first technique, in which you also have to hold your toothbrush in a 45 degree angle but this time, while using short horizontal strokes, back and forth on all surfaces of the teeth. The bristles should get in between the gums and teeth in order to remove plaque and bacteria.

Can you imagine which is the next method? it’s the one we have used since we were children, which is the method that our parents taught us, “the circular method”. The circular method is carried out by doing small, light and circular brush strokes on our tooth surface and continuing to repeat it until our teeth are completely cleaned.

When choosing the best technique for you, it is important to consider your necessities. People who use braces, for example, have to use a different method; Charter’s one which asks you to put the bristles in a 45 degree angle and direct them to the braces and archwire. This movement will allow you to remove all the plaque from the brace and its surface.

What other things are important for taking care of our teeth?

A good technique is not the only important thing when it comes to improving your dental hygiene, it is also crucial to use dental floss daily in order to remove the plaque and bacteria from places our toothbrush can’t reach.

Using a good toothbrush is critical to improving your oral health, without it all other efforts are futile. In order to help you take care of your dental health, we want to introduce the best option for your teeth: the regular fresh toothbrush from Wisdom. It will help you to remove all the bacteria and plaque, which will lead to having healthy gums and at the same time it will help you to keep a fresh breath.